6 Laptop Hacks for Efficiency & Increased Productivity


Laptops are devices that are powerful, portable, productive, and popular among students, programmers, entrepreneurs, and others. Most of us are so fond of our laptops that we even love to take them on vacations even if we got nothing to do with them during the tour.
Over time, these devices start to slow down, but we would still like to continue using them despite lacklustre performance. At the same time, you can extend the life of your laptop by taking some action.

#1. Ensure Better WiFi Connectivity
Nowadays, we need to connect to the WiFi almost every hour of the day to continue our work-related tasks and keep up with the pace. Few things can be more annoying than losing the WiFi connection when you are sending an email or browsing a website to find a how-to guide on something important.
The first thing you can do is move the laptop closer to the router for better signal and connectivity. You can tweak your router's settings for better connectivity. Moreover, make sure that the wireless network adapter drivers are updated, and it's working appropriately, else your connection will drop intermittently.
You may also encounter various errors and potential threats, such as search marquis. Thankfully, it is not that hard to figure out how to remove search marquis from your device. The same applies to other similar issues, meaning that you can solve them to ensure better WiFi connection.


#2. Expand Storage With Cards
If you are using the latest model of MacBook, you might soon run out of storage space, particularly if you are a graphic designer or a programmer. Most of the space on SSD is consumed by the heavy-load applications that you might use for accomplishing your work-related tasks.
A lot of applications installed on your computer can influence its performance, making it sluggish. So, you can expand the storage by using a memory card or an external hard drive, whichever is suitable. This way, you can free up a lot of space by moving some files, folders, etc., and make more space for important data.

#3. Keep Your Pets Away
Your pet loves the warmth of your laptop, and that’s why they lay down on the device when it is on. You might like it at first, but it can create a number of technicalities that will affect the performance. The pet hair goes inside the device and blocks the air vents, which further leads to excessive heat up.
If it happens, you will need to use a can of compressed air and blow it into those vents, speakers, ports, and other nooks and corners of the device. However, do it gently to avoid damaging any internal part of your laptop. The best solution is to keep the pets away from the laptops at all times to ignore such issues.


#4. Avoid Eating Near Your Laptop
Eating near your laptop can be quite hazardous for the sensitive drive as the food particles can affect its functionality. You might be thinking that no one should tell you this as you already know this, but think of the last time when you had your meals on your work desk near your laptop.
Most of us do this unknowingly or unintentionally and leave our system dirty. There’s always a risk of spilling liquids on the laptop keyboard and harming it beyond repair. However, if you spill liquid accidentally on your laptop, take a cotton cloth and try to soak it as soon as possible. Also, turn off the device to avoid potential issues when not using it.

#5. Save Your Battery for Long Term Usage
Excessive and faster battery drainage happens due to a reason or two. You would never want to run out of battery while you are completing an important project, and there’s no power socket available nearby. If this is the situation, make sure that the battery-saving mode is on.
Whether you are using a Windows laptop, MacBook, or a Chromebook, keep the graphics under control. Keeping them minimal will help you to save considerable battery and do important tasks even when you are outside, and your laptop’s battery is not fully charged. You can also keep a power backup in your backpack to be able to charge your battery when you are away from home.

#6. Get a Cooling Pad
There are quite a few neat accessories for a laptop that you can consider getting. One of the standout accessories, particularly when it comes to improving the device's performance, is a cooling pad.
Your computer will not overheat as much with the help of a cooling pad. Less overheating means quieter noises, and that should not be underestimated when you want to focus on your work and avoid distractions.

The tips and tricks mentioned above can help you improve the lifespan of your computer while improving productivity. A little consideration can enable you to take care of your laptop’s health and keep it up and running for longer.

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