Edimax BR-6478AC Dualband AC1200 Wireless Router

Edimax BR-6478AC Highlights-

Pros: Great value. Quick and easy setup. Fast throughput.

Cons: No USB port. Average performance in 802.11n mode. Some software issues. Settings changes require lengthy reboot.

Edimax BR-6478AC Wireless Router supports the next generation 802.11ac wireless standard. It can be up to 3X faster than wireless routers that support the previous generation 802.11n standard. It is very similar to Linksys EA6700 we have reviewed recently. As with Linksys EA6700, it is backward compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n standards to ensure compatibility with legacy Wi-Fi devices. The router is dualband which means that it can operate in both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency. With 300Mbps speeds in the 2.4GHz band and 867Mbps speeds in 5GHz, the Edimax BR-6478AC is ideal for HD video streaming and large file transfers. The router can also work as an access point or range extender. Additionally, it features four Gigabit LAN ports and one Gigabit WAN port, offering data rates of up to 1000Mbps which provides users with a fast and smooth media streaming or network gaming experience.

PCMag (a technology review site) tested the performance of this router. According to them, the router's sweet spot is it's killer performance in 802.11ac mode, when paired with a client using the Edimax Wireless AC1200 USB 3.0 Adapter (EW-7822UAC). The Edimax BR-6478AC gave the fastest throughput tested to date in 802.11ac mode. At 5 feet from the router, the device clocked at 197 Mbps—amazing throughput. At 15 feet away, it gave the second-highest throughput at 186 Mbps. When tested with an 802.11n client adapter, the Edimax gave average throughput. However, PCMag have complained that there are a few software issues with this router.

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Edimax BR-6478AC also supports a guest network to provide connectivity while isolating guests from your primary network. Also with Edimax’s iQoS intuitive user interface, users can manage bandwidth priority settings in just a few clicks. With iQOS, you can enjoy gaming, video streaming, VoIP applications and BT clients at the same time without the usual time lag and interruptions. Edimax BR-6478AC allows users to build secure connections with WPS enabled wireless devices, simply by pressing the WPS button. And with the built-in WLAN switch users can also easily switch on/off the wireless connection without logging into the user interface. Finally, the router also offers some advanced capabilities such as port forwarding, virtual server, DMZ and UPnP.

ReviewsBucket's Verdict:
Edimax BR-6478AC Wireless Router is an impressive piece of hardware and is suited for power users who absolutely need high-performance intra-network video streaming or other throughput demanding tasks. You could also consider Linksys EA6700 if you're after similar 802.11ac routers with USB support.

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