HyperDrive iUSBport 2 Wireless USB Port Hub

iUSBport 2 Highlights -

Pros: Compact and lightweight. No internet connection required. Good file format support.

Cons: Dedicated app interface is not user friendly. Battery life may need some improvement.

The idea behind HyperDrive iUSBport 2 is very simple and unique. Essentially this makes the content of any USB storage media, wirelessly accessible to any wireless enabled device (not just iPhones, iPads and Android). It does this by creating a dedicated wireless network, allowing you to stream and copy content from your USB based storage (USB flash drives, external USB hard drives etc.) to your wireless enabled device without the need of an additional power supply or cable. HyperDrive iUSBport 2 is a standalone device and doesn't require any internet connection, routers or external power, and because of it's compact and light design it can be used anywhere. This will be a huge benefit to users of smartphones or tablets with limited storage capacity. Users will be able to stream their entire collection of movies, music or other multimedia wirelessly from their USB storage media whether they are at home or on a road trip. HyperDrive iUSBport 2 is based on Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n standard and can support speeds of up to 4.5MB/s.

HyperDrive iUSBport 2 can support streaming of five different full high definition movies to five different devices at the same time. It can also perform two-way file transfer with up to twelve different users at the same time. Long car trips can be peaceful again. With HyperDrive iUSBport 2, kids will be able to stream their own choice of entertainment on multiple portable devices. It can stream content from Micro SD cards too.

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HyperDrive iUSBport 2 comes with two USB 2.0 ports (support for FAT, exFAT, HFS, NTFS file format), a MicroSDXC/MicroSDHC/MicroSD expansion slot and a backlit LCD. It is powered by a battery that lasts up to 8 hours and can be recharged via Micro USB so that it can be taken anywhere you go. HyperDrive iUSBport 2 has its own dedicated app and can also work with hundreds of other apps that support HTTP, FTP, WebDAV, DLNA and uPnP. The device weighs 9 ounces.

ReviewsBucket's Verdict:
HyperDrive iUSBport 2 offers a very convenient and easy way to stream and copy content from a portable USB storage device without converting files. Because of it's compact size, it makes a useful travel companion. The device also comes in another two different models: HyperDrive iUSBport HD that has an in-built hard drive (up to 2 TB) and USB 3.0 port, and HyperDrive iUSBport Mini that is in a form of a flash drive. However, we prefer the HyperDrive iUSBport 2 model as it has support for a Micro SD card and offers a good balance between portability and functionality. For the price, we highly recommend this innovative product.

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