AOC E1759FWU Portable LED Monitor

AOC E1759FWU Highlights -

Pros: Simple Installation. USB powered. Decent resolution. VESA mount compatible. Affordably priced.

Cons: No hard controls (software based). Colors are a bit washed out. No speakers.

At first we were reluctant to review the AOC E1759FWU monitor as we knew very little about the company. But after some extensive research, we found out that AOC not only make high quality competitively priced products but they are also a subsidiary of TPV Technology Limited: the world’s largest LCD monitor manufacturer. Needless to say this got our attention and so we went on to see what makes the AOC E1759FWU monitor stand apart from it's competition.
First of all, this is not your average 17.3 inch monitor. It was designed with portability and mobility in mind. AOC believe that the primary consumers of this product would be mobile users who feel the need for a dual monitor set-up, either because they have a laptop with a small screen or for use in business situations where people need to share information with customers on a additional screen whilst making a presentation. Having said that, we think this monitor could also appeal to IT staff and programmers alike in work environments or even students.
There are a couple of other features of E1759FWU which makes it's really stand apart from it's competition. To us, its best feature is that the monitor is USB powered, i.e. it just needs a USB cable. It's not your standard USB 2.0 either: the monitor features the latest high speed USB 3.0 offering a data bandwidth of 5GB to receive both power and video signal for plug-and-play connection. There is no need for a separate power cord or a VGA cable. This makes the monitor very practical for mobile users. Also, the monitor has the added benefit of its unique design and its light weight. The monitor features a sleek body with a piano-black glossy finish weighing just 2.8 pounds. Due to it's foldable flexi-stand, the monitor can either be positioned in landscape or portrait mode. It's unique auto-pivot feature automatically adjusts the image according to the display’s orientation which makes the monitor even more convenient for the end user.

Screen Size : 17.3 inch
Backlight Technology : LED
Panel Technology : TN
Response Time : 10ms
Aspect Ratio : 16:9
Horizontal Viewing Angle : 90?
Vertical Viewing Angle : 50?
Maximum Resolution : 1600x900 pixels
Refresh Rate : 60 Hz
Contrast Ratio : 650:1
Color : 16.7 million colors
Brightness : 220 Nit

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The AOC E1759FWU comes with a HD+ screen resolution of 1600x900 pixels and a contrast ratio of 650:1 which is decent. As far as the picture quality is concerned, the color appears a bit washed out. The images are crisp but they are not that bright and vibrant. You'll definitely notice the difference in picture quality when compared to other usual desktop monitors like the Samsung S20D300H. Also, the 10ms response time and viewing angle of (90?/ 50?) is not ideal for gaming. On the other hand, the installation process is very simple. It is basically plug and play, and all the controls for the monitor are software based. There are no hard controls i.e. no power button or menu button which some users may find inconvenient. This monitor has a very low energy consumption of 10W only. The monitor has VESA mount compatibility so it can be easily mounted on the wall. Also, it comes with a nice little protective sleeve for ease of transport and safe keeping. The monitor measures 16.2 x 0.7 x 9.8 inches and weighs only 2.8 pounds.

ReviewsBucket's Verdict:
AOC E1759FWU is a clear winner as far as portability and practicality is concerned. To us this monitor being USB powered and light weight with a sleek design and simple installation is a definite plus. However on the downside, the picture quality is average at best. But if you're considering this monitor then convenience and portability should be your primary motive as compared to picture quality. Nevertheless, the images in itself are pretty sharp. The AOC E1759FWU is a definite buy for the price, if it suits your purpose. Please note that there is also a 16 inch model available - AOC E1659FWU.

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