Satechi Slim Surge Protector

Satechi Slim Surge Protector Highlights -

Pros: 2 USB charging ports. Inexpensive

Cons: All 6 outlets are very close to each other.

Satechi are known for their innovative products. They make accessories for audio and bluetooth devices, smartphones, tablets, cameras and other office products. Their products look attractive, affordable and efficient. Satechi Slim Surge Protector provides protection from electrical spikes and surges that can damage your electronic devices like high definition TVs or notebooks. In the worst case, you could lose all your stored data and may not be able to bring the device back to life. Satechi Slim Surge Protector has outlets for up to 6 devices. Additionally, it's 2 USB charging ports can charge USB powered devices like smartphones or tablets. The LED indicator above the unit illuminates green to indicate when the surge protector is providing protection to your devices. It measures 3.5 x 5 inches.

Satechi Slim Surge Protector offers the following features:
* Protection against power surges and spikes.
* 6 grounded outlets and 2 USB charging ports.
* LED indicator.
* Maximum reduction in AC line noise interference.
* Includes optional socket screws to secure the unit to the wall or any other surface.

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ReviewsBucket's Verdict:
Satechi Slim Surge Protector is a highly recommended product to protect your devices against electrical surges and does a great job. It also comes in a black color with only 3 outlets. The only problem we have with this accessory is that unless your plugs are small in width, you most likely won't be able to use the middle socket. Otherwise, Satechi Slim Surge Protector is a must for travellers and great for home use too.

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Readers Rating: 3.5/5
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